Contract templates for professional nannies.

Here at Boss Nanny, we are passionate about supporting Nannies and families in building strong and long term working relationships.  The Australian Nanny Industry still has a long way to go with many nannies being paid cash in hand, below minimum wage.  That’s why we’re here, to make things more clear and simple through resources, workshops, and information.

I am a parent looking for a contract to engage a nanny

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I am a nanny looking for contracts for work.

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I'm a nanny agency seeking contract solutions for my clients

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Boss Nannies love to learn.  That’s why we’re delivering a new series of training events that are customised for professional nannies, empowering nannies in reaching their full potential.  Read more about our current events now!

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We are here to customise an individual coaching session to support nannies in being the best nanny they can be.  Our experts can help you establish your professional brand, find the right family, build strong operations and more!

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