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Nanny agencies play such an important role within the industry as they help families find their way through the process of finding and employing a nanny in their home.  On top of that, we know that without agencies, many nannies would be facing arrangements that offer cash under the table, below minimum wage.

Boss Nanny is here to offer nanny agencies more support to encourage their placements to employ their nanny correctly.  Our contract templates have been created by nannies and lawyers to not only set up the arrangement to be legal and fair but also encourage the right conversations early.  With both sides setting clear expectations, they can start building mutual respect and trust from the beginning and this means setting up a strong and long-term relationship where everybody wins.

Built by lawyers, customised by nannies.

A professional, clean and simple PDF.

Sets up the right discussions, early.

Boss Nanny Contracts support nannies and families in setting things up right from the beginning. Saving your time and money so you can spend more time building your business.

Here's how it works

  • Fill out an online form to provide us with your agencies details
  • We’ll be in touch with a phone call to say hi and answer any questions
  • We send out the terms of use for you to read and sign (this includes protection over your client’s details and IP)
  • We set up a customised referral link to share with any placements that are employing their nanny
  • At the end of each month, we confirm all completed transactions that came through your referral link
  • We transfer your referral bonus straight to your bank account.


Exclusive for agencies who join before 31st October 2020.


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